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mer. 24 avr.



Details Sound Night | Freakout Club

Dalle 23h00 TRESHOLD BOY (DE) Live + FILIBALOU - LUCE CLANDESTINA / A HAND b2b Ingresso 12€ alla porta riservato ai soci AICS

Details Sound Night | Freakout Club
Details Sound Night | Freakout Club

Heure et lieu

24 avr. 2024, 23:00

Bologna, Via Emilio Zago, 7c, 40128 Bologna BO, Italia

À propos de l'événement

Mercoledì 24 Aprile Dalle 23:00

Al Freakout Club


TRESHOLD BOY (LIVE) Treshold boy is a club oriented electronic music live performance run by the alter ego of Berlin based DJ, producer & sound practitioner Flore (half of Khidja), co-founder and co-curator of Currents Music Festival.

LUCE CLANDESTINA (DETAILS SOUND) Italian dj, sonic explorer and spatial researcher based in Turin, LUCE CLANDESTINA aspires to create unconventional sound imageries fluctuating between light and darkness. Between labyrinths of hypnotic, dark and often psychedelic rhythms, her sets are eclectic and spontaneous paths that develop intertwining in an unexpected narrative, reflecting the interest towards a more internal dance and listening experience, as well as mental and emotional. She has been co-curating the italian independent festival CULTO, and she’s a resident on Radio Raheem with the show 'Vago Spazio Del Ritmo' since 2021.

FILIBALOU (MINT SOUND) Filibalou is a music selector and producer hailing from Bologna, Italy. His journey into music began at the young age of 13, when he started collecting records across various styles and genres. Over time, he curated a unique blend he terms "Trancedelic," characterized by lysergic sounds perfect for extended groove-filled rituals. He is an integral part of the Mint sound collective, which has spawned diverse projects ranging from a record store/loft in the Cirenaica district to organizing various parties.

A HAND (DETAILS SOUND) Giuseppe Magistro is an Italian DJ, producer and co-founder of Details Sound. Strictly passionate of do-it-yourself culture, his music and performances reflects a deep interest for pure sounds, onstantly researching a balance between body effective beats and a more introspective dance experience. Currently performing and releasing music under @a.hand_ moniker, he has made notable contributions to various projects in the latest years, including music for Random Numbers, Love Boat, Lurid Music, Details Sound.

Ingresso: 12€ alla porta >L'evento è riservato ai soci AICS

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