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Hard-Ons | Freakout Club

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Hard-Ons | Freakout Club
Hard-Ons | Freakout Club

Quando e dove:

11 ott 2024, 21:00

Bologna, Via Emilio Zago, 7c, 40128 Bologna BO, Italia

Info sull'evento


THE HARD-ONS (Australia) It is said that the Hard-Ons have crossed the Rubicon. Having formed back in 1982 and having a legendary and impressive back catalogue of releases, the Hard-Ons have also been a fantastically explosive live band. With no desire to be fixated on the past, the Hard-Ons have drafted long-time friend Tim Rogers, the driving force behind the chart-busting, platinum-selling and award winning power-pop act YOU AM I, as their lead vocalist. Tim Rogers already had the Hard-Ons DNA in his person, since becoming a devotee of the band as a teenager back in the 80’s in Sydney. The Hard-Ons now has a brilliantly expressive and charismatic front-person to augment their rampaging, supercharged punk – metal – power-pop hybrid. The Hard-Ons are more infectious than ever. They have a vast array of great tunes from the history of their band to call upon.

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