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mer 31 lug


Freakout Club

SOLD-OUT! /// The Black Heart Procession | Freakout Club

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SOLD-OUT! /// The Black Heart Procession | Freakout Club
SOLD-OUT! /// The Black Heart Procession | Freakout Club

Quando e dove:

31 lug 2024, 21:00

Freakout Club, Via Emilio Zago, 7c, 40128 Bologna BO, Italia

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After Three Mile Pilot began an open-ended hiatus in 1997, singer/guitarist Pall Jenkins and multi-instrumentalist Tobias Nathaniel embarked on a darker, more subdued journey as Black Heart Procession. In the many years and albums since, the band’s line-up has expanded and contracted, but at its heart and soul remains Jenkins and Nathaniel, creating timeless, heart-wrenching classics that are adventurous, eclectic, and consistently brilliant.

In a small town, with but a small chance, two lowly miscreants toiled feverishly into the small hours of the night creating ballads of loss and self-deprecation, in hopes of illuming the world with their particularly despondent brand of mischievousness.

These very same scoundrels have arrived upon your doorstep to drown your sorrows, ease your pains and release your hearts.

The Black Heart Procession, purveyors of all things disconsolate, would like to formally invite you to attend a singular event, a forlorn gala, a mournful celebration of the dour. It’s your town, your desolation, your reclamation.

Join us in the revelry of sorrow, laugh, cry and absolve your sins with us. Together, we’ll brighten the world, confront the shadows beneath our beds and… well… you could just come to the show in your town where we’ll be performing. Hope to see you all there, tears of laughter and sorrow alike.

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