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VOLUMELLA | 20 - 30 Giugno MMXXIV

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Michele Donati, in arte Armani Doc, nasce a Segrate nel 1995 e fin da giovane coltiva una passione per la musica e l'hip hop. A 22 anni conosce Pankees e con lui inizia un percorso di amicizia e collaborazione che nel 2018 lo porta a pubblicare Berlusconi Mixtape. Questo primo progetto convince lui e Pankees a mettersi subito al lavoro per collaborare in un nuovo album di inediti, questa volta interamente prodotto. Nel mentre vince il contest indetto da Gionni Gioielli per MRGA con cui nascerà una grande intesa che lo porterà dopo poco ad essere considerato parte integrante del progetto. Con MRGA partecipa a Michele Alboreto e in tutti i lavori successivi solidificando il suo ruolo nel gruppo! A novembre dopo un anno pieno di novità è l'ora di pubblicare Serie A insieme a Pankees, completamente prodotto e curato dall'etichetta Think Fast Records, fondata da lui stesso nel 2019 insieme a due amici.

Genere: Rap | Hip Hop


Blo/B, nome d'arte di Luca Lacorte, è un rapper, grafico e occasionalmente produttore italiano classe ‘82, originario di Bresso. È membro dei Drammachine e in precedenza ha fatto parte dei Banhana Sapiens e dei Maad Block.

Nel 2007 pubblica l'album T.I.L.T., prodotto interamente da Mace e nel 2016 esce il suo primo album solista, Età Dell'Oro. Due anni a seguire, rilascia l'album MOMA, le cui produzioni sono affidate a Gionni Gioielli. Il disco fa parte del progetto Make Rap Great Again, di cui Blo/B è autore delle grafiche.

Genere: Rap | Hip Hop



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"Fera’s trajectory sticks out like a sore thumb, you need to invest time, carefully divided between body & mind, to truly take a deep dive into his audacious output. After the acclaimed ‘Stupidamutaforma’ and ‘Corpo Senza Carne’, Fera is back with ‘Psiche Liberata’, an oblique, imperfect and broken record, in other words, exactly the type of magical voyage you want to be on".

Genere: Elettronica


Everest Magma is the latest incarnation of the hyper-prolific man behind Rella the Woodcutter, that has already a number of releases on our label with both monikers, we just love him. In recent years he put aside his psych-folk attitude and put his hands on a bunch of machines, tape recorders and pedal effects. The results confirm the guy’s gifted by an above the average inspiration and desire to push towards the extreme borders of any matter he tries to confront with.

Genere: Sperimentale | Acid-Folk

+ SANDRA MASON selecta



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Awakebutstillinbed is an emo/post-hardcore band from San Jose. Formed in 2017 by lead singer and guitarist Shannon Taylor, Awakebutstillinbed began releasing demos on the music sharing site Bandcamp, and joined the growing number of bands calling themselves “extremo”- falling somewhere between the solemn and lonely lyrics and punk musicianship of traditional emo, and the emotion, anger, and occasional screaming of screamo.

Genere: Emo


Your Arms Are My Cocoon is the bedroom pop and screamo project of Chicago-based musician, Tyler Odom. With the self titled EP, based on a lo-fi sound, he gained traction on Internet. As a project he made solo, the project grew to be more integrated in a live band form, where it’s focused on. The first full length album will be released in 2024.

Genere: Emo-Pop


Marcello Donadelli (You Vs Everything, Moscova) durante l’inverno del 2013, per via, di troppe canzoni in un cassetto che non trovavano spazio nei progetti attivi, dà vita a Give Vent, una dimensione totalmente nuova rispetto alle precedenti, fatta solamente di chitarra e voce. Il termine, se tradotto letteralmente significa “dare sfogo”, e questo concetto trova una perfetta dimensione nei modi e nelle intenzioni all’interno del suo folk di matrice punk. Un approccio semplice alla musica: Chitarra, Voce e Stomaco.

Genere: Emo-Core | Folk Punk



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E (US)

E, the trio of Jason Sanford (Neptune), Thalia Zedek (Come, Live Skull) and new drummer Ernie Kim continue to develop the, at times densely, interwoven guitar interplay that has characterized their work to date, while simultaneously revealing a new set tricks E delivers a sound that is both taut and driven, shimmering with delineation of new constellations of sound.

Genere: Alternative Rock



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Ruins from Tokyo, Japan and Zu from Rome Italy have known each other, been around each other, and toured together since the late ’90s. Both bands are devoted to creating idiosyncratic forms that push music to its limits and break any genre and style boundary. It was long overdue that they would conspire and collaborate at some point in history. So Ruins founder and permanent member, legendary drummer & vocalist Yoshida Tatsuya, and both Zu founders and permanent members Luca T Mai and Massimo Pupillo (respectively sax and electric bass) have formed the new creature RuinsZU and will tour Europe together for the first time in Spring 2024.

They will play live both Ruins and Zu material and also new music that they started to write.



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Hippie Death Cult's journey through shameless and triumphant artistic expression has led them to become a vibrant force in the realms of psychedelia and riff-heavy rock n' roll. This journey has not been without its challenges, but the band has always managed to emerge stronger and more determined than ever. Throughout their formative years, the band underwent what proved to be a very significant evolution, transitioning from a 4-piece to a more cohesive and harmonious power trio. This lineup currently consists of guitarist and founder Eddie Brnabic, vocalist and bassist Laura Phillips, and drummer Harry Silvers.

In 2019, Hippie Death Cult caught the attention of Cursed Tongue Records, who signed them for the release of their highly anticipated album "111." The record was met with widespread acclaim, solidifying their place in the music scene. Building on this success, the band made another significant move in 2021 by signing with Heavy Psych Sounds Records. This partnership resulted in the release of their album "Circle of Days" and a split release titled "Doom Sessions Vol.5" with label mates High Reeper. Both full-length albums soared to the very top of the Doom Charts as well as many “Album Of The Year” lists, further cementing their status as a rising force in the genre. Beyond their studio work, Hippie Death Cult is renowned for their electrifying and passionate stage performances. Their captivating stage presence have taken them on tours across the United States, Canada, and Europe, where they have garnered a dedicated and growing fanbase.

Genere: 70s | Hard Rock | Grunge | Rock'n'Roll | Stoner


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